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 Dreams, memories, and a message

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Lord Ethan Blackwell

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Name: Krysus
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PostSubject: Dreams, memories, and a message   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:02 pm

I lay there in bed, beside my dear, in comfort and warmth. And as I fell asleep, I must've went into a deep slumber. Out of nowhere, a fragment of a past vision slingshots at me from one direction, and then another.

[flashes to a scene of a war, people being slaughtered, blood being spilled about]

My head began twitching slightly on my pillow at first, not quite aware of what was happening.

[another flash of a memory, a dark kingdom where Krysus lay, awaking in a black and red chamber, noticing a bite on his neck]

It's dreams like these that would make anybody begin slinging their head from side to side in bed. These must be memories coming back to me from centuries ago...

[flashes of a throne, as Krysus is pulled off of it and chained down, then a flash of a sun chamber, a vision of burning skin, and screaming, yet with no sound at all]

It was at this point my mind was wondering what this was all about. Why are these memories coming back to me?

[a sudden flash of bright white, as a vision developes of Krysus floating in warm enlightened air, a beautiful winged woman crying over him, and the face of a translucent, white-robed old man upon a golden throne]

Something or someone must be bringing all this about, but I just couldn't figure out what.

[a glimmered vision of a close friend being slain, and suddenly a cyclone of white and black/red energy swirling about as large red horned figures battle about against winged warriors]

By this time, I'd apparently be stirring about in bed, mumbling and disturbed. I could feel the sweat dripping off me as I slept, yet I did not wake. Every flash feeling like a punch to my stomach, leaving me without a breath, my heart skipping beats in its rhythm.

[another flash of memory, Krysus chained down to a coal colored brimstone floor, and the face of a cheek horned demonic father giving an evil grin toward him, a black dagger injected into his back... suddenly all vision goes blank, before he hears the words

"Remember Krysus" once in a whisper, and then again louder, the voice multiplying into twos, fours, eights, overlapping and getting louder and louder and louder and louder and...]

"NOOOOO!!!!!" I roar at the top of my lungs as I suddenly I spring up from bed, eyes wide open, as if I just came up out of water just before drowning, panting desperately in a sweat to catch my breath...

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Name: Empress Iona Brightside
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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:05 pm

-startled to death from a deep sleep Iona flies out of bed stumbling to the floor as she looses her balance landing on her bottom and grabs for the bed not relizing what or who is causing such a commotion-,....Grabbing for her bedside lamp she lifts it to the air-

Relizing its only Krysus, but wondering why hes in such a panick and screaming at the top of his lungs in a sweat that seems to have soaked the sheets. Looks at the time on the bedstand and notices its still early day.

Its only 10 am and our sleeps just began, as those creatures of the night rest during the day hours opposite of the human world. Seeing a sliver of light hitting the floor she wonders if it is what caused his unhappy slumber.

Mildred the human who tends to them and the family as they rest, comes running into the room, see's Iona with the lamp in hand and Krysus sweating buckets and in a disoray, also wonders what could have woken the companion at her Ladies side this evening. "M'lady is everything all right?" Mildred askes in a startled voice with her duster in hand.

Looking at Krysus with the same question she gets a gesture from him to dismiss the the sweet girl we have come to depend on so much during our sleeps. " Everythings fine Mildred, ty for comming so quickly but do you mind the ...." Iona gestures to the curtain thats come open from the days light.

"Yes m'lady" the house cat seems to have been out gazing into the grounds as they slept and seems to have opend them as she layed basking in the Falls rays of the day. Mildred finds the family cat at the opening,"Kitty you sleepy girl" she picks up the slumbering cat to place her in her basket near the fire place found across the room, fixes the curtain and with that she takes her leave.

Mean while Iona is tending to Krysus wondering what has caused this uneasy momment in his slumber. Hands him a towel from the ajoining washroom shes collected.

After hearing the door close she asks"Krysus, hun what happend? Was it a dream?"

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Lord Ethan Blackwell

Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-05-31
Age : 37
Location : Texas

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Name: Krysus
Race: Celestial Spirit
Class: Sage

PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:00 pm

Still catching my breath, I take the towel from Iona, and dry the sweat from my face and neck. Not yet quite able to speak in response I simply nod my head toward her question.

I sit up for a few minutes, putting my mentality back together. The sweating during the reminiscent nightmare had dehydrated me I conclude as I take a drink from a water bottle I normally keep by my bedside.

"Just a bad dream love. Let's go back to sleep."

As deep a sleep as I had fallen to, I figure there will be a better time to talk about the dream when I am awake and able to communicate and comprehend things. All I could feel now was how sleepy and ready to fall back asleep I still was. I lay my head back on the pillow, not able to defeat the weight of my remaining dreariness and I drift quickly back to sleep.

My sleep from here on is thankfully without any interruption from the dream world. Whatever had sent me into the unconscious halls of the past had apparently came and did whatever it was meant to do, to be off and away for the remainder of our sleep.

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Lord Ethan Blackwell

Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-05-31
Age : 37
Location : Texas

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Name: Krysus
Race: Celestial Spirit
Class: Sage

PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:28 am

The night was cold as I lay there by myself in a bed within an empty room. No blankets, no sheets. No pillow. Just a mattress. I hear thunder off in a distance. A storm will be here soon.

I curl up, attempting to provide body heat to any parts of me that fall helpless to the fridged air. Eventually, out of mental and physical numbness, I somehow trance myself to sleep. It seems so peaceful even but just for a moment...

When suddenly a blast of visions zoom into me. My body outside my mind giving a jolt to it's forceful arrival. It seems as just a rush of the same memories I had nights before, but for some reason, something seems different. The memories, all rushing in, and past. They all register just as clearly, but this time on a larger scale. I don't realize that outside this subconscious attack I'm having, my body convulses violent off the bed.

The visions arrive to a memory of the moment I woke up in deep space, as I try to realize what was going on at that moment in time. Only the sounds of people chattering, fuzzy and muffled in the background, like the sound of their voices playing in reverse, but their words were not. When suddenly... they are in reverse, and with it joins the feeling that I am swirling backwards, like being sucked into a vacuum. Louder and louder the noises grow and grow as I become sucked into something, but what? It all suddenly turns to white when everything turns silent...

Who is that? A man, he looks like me in true form, but... that's not me. That's not my face. I can see him walking out of a white fog, toward a white garden. He approaches a lady with a translucent tone to her image, blending miraculously into this heavenly environment. Why does she look so familiar?

They kiss, as I watch but they don't know I'm there. Suddenly the environment morphes. I'm taken to a large kingdom where the two are sitting on white glowing thrones smiling at each other. My surroundings shift again and suddenly I'm watching them give cheers to accomplishments and a family they've begun to build. It keeps changing. It seems I'm reliving this other guy's moments but why? And who is this woman?

Suddenly I'm taken to a fuzzy vision of her crying and him being pulled away by somebody. They're being separated. They look hopeless. I just float, watching this beautiful angel bawling at the loss of this man before my view shifts again. She's leaving her realm it seems. She's going on a journey somewhere. I know this woman... its Iona... This was before she came to earth! So much of these visions hitting me now as I try to put it all together.

Everything's gone black again before it fades back in and I see the archangel who took me to his father to debrief me and examine me after the time I was in the inferno. I relive the moment they put me out. Yes. That was the time of my long sleep. But then I see that man again. He's entering a tomb. It has my name on it... I see four angels surrounding my body on a table within it. This man, his body turns black. His skin is like a swirling storm of stars... just like my own in true form. They put him out on a table beside mine. No... is this really happening?? Have I only been a reincarnation of this man all along?? The light from the four angels intensifies as they put their arms up and chant. The chanting grows louder and louder when suddenly I hear Iona's crying voice fading into it. More and more voices, talking from one memory and then another adding to the audible chaos, more and more and more and more and more and more...

My eyes open... I'm floating. Floating horizontally above this mattress. I... I don't feel any control over this except for my own face, but I'm raising higher and higher when suddenly my body flips vertical and I shoot through the roof like a speeding missile, my clothes burning away from neck to feet to reveal my true form. The storm has arrived as pouring rain and hail bash down on me as I dart higher up. Lightning flashing through and around me as the crash of chaotic thunder shakes the earth below me. I don't know what's going on anymore, but I'm being sent quickly out of the atmosphere, leaving the field of gray clouds behind and then the entire planet itself.

My body's flight accelerates to the point I might as well just be a burning ball of gaseous flames, as I reach so far out in space I don't know where I am anymore. But I stop suddenly. I hear the voice of somebody crying. A male voice, but it sounds like it's coming from me. It's him, inside. He's in such pain, and suddenly his feelings begin enveloping my own at that moment as tears of light begin streaming out of me. He puts my arms out and my head is thrown back. My mouth is opened and from the bottom of my lungs an indescribably forceful bellow is pushed out of my body as a wave of sonic sound, the most heart-wrenching scream is vocalized from my mouth sending a ring of solar winds outward for god knows how many light years. After a moment it ceases. I've gone insane. I'm lost within this and I know what I must do. It is what he will do.

I'm shot into a certain direction, headed for a star. So fast my blast that any spacial bodies I pass are simply obliterated by the energy of my flaming tail. The star grows closer, closer, larger and larger. My mouth opens again as another scream explodes forward toward it. Memories of all the past months and years speeding through me of the one who made me complete, glances of meeting her, presenting the crest, conversations with her, a time of being found by her again, a first dance, a moment in the garden, making love, waking up beside her, times of tea, dancing and laughing, building a new palace in new lands with her, summer warmth, building items together, crying together for the hardships of our lives, floating in place in the star sky together above a garden, planning, talking of determination, smiling into each other's eyes, a ring shown with a proposal and being cheered and honored... The star is now seen in all its massive glorified detail, the giant flaming dwarf giving its infinite heat to me as I arrive at its outer ring, and then inner ring and then................................................

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:59 pm

-stands in the garden watching the stars and hearing the chatter of her sisters and brothers as they look down upon the sleeping lands as the night sky is light up with there glow wondering what lays ahead as they all whisper the events of days past.

"I think its time to start doing what I was ment to do on this world. Then one day I too can return home to you all" I whisper while still looking upwards.

"Time Iona starts her mission" brushing the tears away and stands fixing her white robes. As she wanders the grounds to find herself in the Great library, standing before a book that seems to glow with a ray of moonlight shinning down upon it. Its the Book of Memories, Iona goes to the book of memories and rests her hand upon it. Like magic the thoughts she has recently lived are transfered upon the pages into words and visions like a motion picture. As it rests on the stone table she smiles.

"One day m'lord..... one day." Bows towards it before taking her leave from the great library of wisdom to re-enter the garden and walk down the path to the sanctuary shaded by the darkend night sky.

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:15 pm

As I was sleeping in my chambers..I was awoken with a sence of someone being in there watching me..I shook the feeling
off and roll back over to try and go back to sleep knowing there is much to do...As I close my eyes,,,I get that feeling
once again and just as I sat up I see this lady reaching for me from the air...

She has a dark cape on
and looks like she is trying to yell about something..Being a bit startled I sit and watch this image and then all of
sudden I hear her words...Nite come...come and follow me...you are being called away. Then the image
disappeared.I can't figure out what would be calling me away from my home in the middle of the night.I lay back down trying
to forget the image I just saw.But the urge is much more stronger..I get up and get dress..I put a cape on over my
clothes with it being chilly..I walk out of my chambers down the long hall...I get to the front door of the castle..I turn
around and look around my home for a moment knowing everyone is sound asleep.I put the hood on my cape and head out
of the castle and onto the back road that is behind the castle...

I look back at the
castle and cause a bit of wind around it to keep noises from being heard inside with me leaving...I continue walking down
this road with that urge getting stronger and stronger.The pulling of me is such a mystery..I can not pick up what would
be wanting to reach out to me...it gets dark and darker as I walk down this road alone...

The deeper in the dark I go the sence of not knowing has me a bit nervous...As I keep walking a see a small light ahead of
me.So I know I must be getting very close to what is calling me out in the middle of the night.As I aprouch and the light
is better seen.I see a small building in front of me.I stop walking and stand there staring at the building and listening
to the wind and just waiting to see what has called for me.....Is this going to be another beginning for me or is this
going to be the end of me here?So many thoughts running through my head....

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Name: Empress Iona Brightside
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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:54 pm

-looking to her sisters of the skies that shine so BRIGHT upon these lands they sence Iona is ready and they sence her willingness to ready the world for whats to come. Bringing her hands to her sides, slowly rising them to the universe above, a chant is heard rising from the univers and the lands around. Without a word spoken the girls start to gather and slowly enter the clearing they find their mother in as she is hovering and each of them joins the chat that envelops them each deep within. They too slowly rise to form a circle around a light that is begining to grows as the sisters join the chant -

Per Astrum Fulsi quod Luna Lux lucis ,
Per phasmatis redimio quod Universum vires ,
Cruor vel Pectus pectoris Meus Sanctimonialis Exsisto,
EGO Voco Thee Reverto ut mihi ,
Per Cruor quod sententia EGO redimio ut mihi ,
Per quattuor ventus , sic mote is

(translated in english tung means this....)

By Star Shine and the Moons Light,
By Mystic Ties and the Universe's Might
Blood or Heart My Sisters Be
I Summon Thee Return to me
By Blood and thought I bind to me
By the four winds, so mote it be

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:21 pm

Laying in bed, entranced by the moonlight, I let my spirit wander as often I do. I stole the halls and lands near and far. Watching all things large and small. I float on the winds and drift effortlessly through the trees. Listening to the voices carried with me on the breeze. As I glide, I hear a call, an utter, a chant. This voice sweet and rings so clearly against the winds. I follow the sound to its its source, a white robed lady, glowing in the dark of night.

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:21 am

Music fills the air and the sisters unite as one under the glowing of the moon it is then that bonds are made and truth is told and life is born unto the ladies of the lands allies and friends , family of young and old. In the days to come great things will come and go but this bond will always flow. Find thine self and then be true for it is the will of the lands. It is our destiny....

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:50 pm

PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron Whisper: crawls awound
BlueDragonNiteSauron: kendra come sit sweetie
PrnsKendrasauron: i dont see any mommy
LadyIonaBrightside: please all join us at the table
LadyIonaBrightside: Nite dear beside me
LolthSauron has left the chat
XxYukoIchiharaxX: ash sis wants to be invited bk
PrnsKendrasauron: mommy its not loading
LadyIonaBrightside: welcome all to the blood bonding of Nites two children and anyone else wishing to join can do so after they are done
LadyIonaBrightside: dont worry will hit it again
PrnsKendrasauron: sits by mommy
LadyIonaBrightside: we all loading?
XxYukoIchiharaxX: it wont let me invite asha
BlueDragonNiteSauron: i am here
LadySoulBrightside has left the chat
XxYukoIchiharaxX: im here
PrnsKendrasauron: ive loeded
PrnsKendrasauron: im here
ashastone has joined the chat
LadyWyndBrightside: can someone try to reinvite yuio please she crashed out and it is timing on me
LadyIonaBrightside: there we go
LadyIonaBrightside: k
LadyIonaBrightside: shes not showing on line for me
ashastone: ((ok now i can see others posts at least lol))
ashastone: ~hugz my sisters kendra and yuko~
LadyWyndBrightside: oh well guess she won't be attending
ashastone: ~hugz my mom~
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -hugs bk-
BlueDragonNiteSauron: hugs baby girl
PrnsKendrasauron: -trys to crawl off
LadySoulBrightside has joined the chat
Kittierra has left the chat
DarkLordYuio has joined the chat
BlueDragonNiteSauron: kendra sit down
LadyWyndBrightside: hehe finally got her
PrnsKendrasauron: O.O
DarkLordYuio: x3
LadyIonaBrightside: there she is
PrnsKendrasauron: -wriggles a lil rubbing eyes-
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -holds mommys hand-
BlueDragonNiteSauron: -holds your hand-
PrnsKendrasauron: squrms
LadyIonaBrightside: just let me know when your all ready please .. Nite dear ?
BlueDragonNiteSauronBlueDragonNiteSauron Whisper: i am ready
LadyWyndBrightside: i have loaded, yuio is still in works
PrnsKendrasauron: sissy u loaded
PrnsKendrasauron: ash and god mommy
ashastone: ((yes kendra sis i'm loaded))
XxYukoIchiharaxX: im loaded
LadyWyndBrightside: yuio loaded
DarkLordYuio: im still loading
LadyIonaBrightside: -takes her daughter Nite's hand and leads her to stand in the middle of the table and chants-
DarkLordYuio: XD
PrnsKendrasauron: O.O
LadyIonaBrightside: -slowly she rises-
LadyIonaBrightside: Wynd please ready a chant to seal there blood
LadyIonaBrightside: their*
PrnsKendrasauron: -looks scared-
LadyIonaBrightside: -looks to all the mothers and children that suround the family-
ashastone: ~takes kendra's hand for a moment to let her know its all ok and she doesn't needto be scared
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -heart ponding fast-
LadyIonaBrightside: -readys the blood that flows within Nite for her gift of giving-
LadyIonaBrightside: we gather here today to unite our family
LadyIonaBrightside: family deeply devoted to one another
ashastone: ~beathing slows~
LadyIonaBrightside: we unite in this momment of time before thee eyes of the gods to bring forth this bond we each share as elders to our children and young seeking this strength in unity
DarkLordYuio has left the chat
Kittierra has joined the chat
LadyIonaBrightside: let them understand that this bond is not of power but of something deeper then the surface most men may see
LadyIonaBrightside: its of the soul and spirit that lives in all
PrnsKendrasauron: -looks at my bif sisters-
LadyIonaBrightside: its universal strength we all can and will grow from each day
PrnsKendrasauron: big
LadyIonaBrightside: -looks to Yuko the oldest of the two-
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -looks back at her heart ponding faster-
ashastone: ~holds her baby sisters hand my eyes glowing softy~
LadyIonaBrightside: come child to gm
LadyIonaBrightside: stand before your mother and her mother
Kittierra: i will soon as cen:-)
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -gets up and walks to her-
LadyIonaBrightside: (nods in frunt of me)
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron Whisper: -watches a lil scared -
LadyIonaBrightside: rise child and know you have come willing to be one with your mother and join this noble family in our bond
LadyIonaBrightside: I ask the gods to bless this child in uniting with her mother and her mother and may the bonds of blood flow free in this child
ashastone: ~continues to hold kendra's hand; her eys closing~
LadyIonaBrightside: go to your mother Yuko and take freely of her blood -hands Nite a knife to cute her arm with-
BlueDragonNiteSauronBlueDragonNiteSauron Whisper: -takes the knife and cuts my arm for my daughter to drink my blood-
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron Whisper: O.O
BlueDragonNiteSauron: -my child come drink from me-
XxYukoIchiharaxXXxYukoIchiharaxX Whisper: -drinks-
LadyIonaBrightside: Vas exsisto vestri somes , Vita exsisto vestri cruor. Diligo exsisto vestri vinculum , Prosapia exsisto vestri vires. Per pectus pectoris quod per cruor exsisto reus , vestri cruor fused , sic mote is exsisto.
LadyIonaBrightside: Vessel be thy body,
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : Life be thy blood
LadyIonaBrightside: love be thy bond
LadyIonaBrightside: family be they strength
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : by heart, by blood be bound
LadyIonaBrightside: thy blood be fused, so mote it be
ashastone: ~whispers~ so mote it be
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -feels warm-
LadyIonaBrightside: -watches the changes taking place within- Wynd please guide her
LadyWyndBrightside: Helps Kendra to her mommy
XxYukoIchiharaxX: (do i sit bk down now )
PrnsKendrasauron: -wriggles a lil-
LadyIonaBrightside: smiles yes little one-
LadySoulBrightside has left the chat
XxYukoIchiharaxX: I///I ty
LadyIonaBrightside: Kendra please come to gm
ashastone: ~smiles softly~
LadyIonaBrightside: smiles
ashastone: ~Lets go of kendra's hand~
LadyIonaBrightside: chants for her to rise
LadyIonaBrightside: rise child and know you have come willing to be one with your mother and join this noble family in our bond
PrnsKendrasauron: -wriggles in aoe-
PrnsKendrasauron: air
LadyIonaBrightside: I ask the gods to bless this child in uniting with her mother and her mother and may the bonds of blood flow free in this child
LadyIonaBrightside: go to your mother Yuko and take freely of her blood
PrnsKendrasauron: kendra
LadyIonaBrightside: Vas exsisto vestri somes , Vita exsisto vestri cruor. Diligo exsisto vestri vinculum , Prosapia exsisto vestri vires. Per pectus pectoris quod per cruor exsisto reus , vestri cruor fused , sic mote is exsisto.
BlueDragonNiteSauron: come kendra drink from me
PrnsKendrasauron: drinking
LadyIonaBrightside: Vessel be thy body,Life be thy blood.Love be thy bond,Family be thy strength. By heart, by blood be bound, Thy blood be fused, so mote it be
PrnsKendrasauron: -looks up at mommy-
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron Whisper: drinking
LadyIonaBrightside: my the gods bless these two children and guide them to the unity of love and truth and happiness this family stands for so freely
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron Whisper: -starts to feel warm-
LadyIonaBrightside: wynd
ashastoneashastone Whisper: ~smiles softly~
LadyIonaBrightside: know for a special song Nites mother gave her when she was young and sang to
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : all my children
LadyIonaBrightside: I will sing for our newly arrived
LadyWyndBrightsideLadyWyndBrightside Whisper: Very Happy:D
ashastone: ~keeps her eyes closed and listens~
LadyIonaBrightside: Smile
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -listens -
BlueDragonNiteSauron: listens
PrnsKendrasauron: -starts to tear up as i feel the bonding happen-
PrnsKendrasauron: listens
BlueDragonNiteSauron: tears in my eyes
LadyIonaBrightside: -joins her daughter-
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -covers my face never showing my emotions as tears fall-
BlueDragonNiteSauron: kiss
BlueDragonNiteSauron: i love u so much mom
Kittierra: aaaww
LadyIonaBrightside: Smile
LadyIonaBrightside: safe in my arms
BlueDragonNiteSauron: i am safe in ur arms
LadyIonaBrightside: castles will crumble
Kittierra: *tears*
LadyIonaBrightside: dreams may not come true
LadyIonaBrightside: but your not alone
ashastone: ~lets tears fall~
LadyIonaBrightside: I will always LOVE you all
PrnsKendrasauron: -feels sissys emothins and link hugs her
BlueDragonNiteSauron: -tears in my eyes-
PrnsKendrasauron: -opens arms to mommy-
BlueDragonNiteSauron: picks kendra up
BlueDragonNiteSauron: i love you girls so very much
LadyIonaBrightside: -hugs them all-
LadyWyndBrightside: loves you too mommy Very Happy
PrnsKendrasauron: -wipes mommys tear away-
ashastone: ~Hugz grandma back~
ashastone: love u too mom
PrnsKendrasauron: love you all
LadyIonaBrightside: -wipes the tears-
ashastone: love u too sis
PrnsKendrasauron: gwammy ma me play one
Kittierra: so happy 4 u yuoi
LadyIonaBrightside: anyone else wishing to join in blood?
PrnsKendrasauron: for mommy and you
Kittierra: yoko
Kittierra: sorry
PrnsKendrasauron: ty kitti
PrnsKendrasauron: v,v#
ashastone: ~lowers my head to hide the tears~ grandma i want to but am not allowed to
ashastone: ~Looks over at mom for a moment then back down~
PrnsKendrasauron: why
LadyIonaBrightside: not allowed?
XxYukoIchiharaxX: -holds ash close-
BlueDragonNiteSauron: asha why u holding ur head down
Kittierra: yw kendra
BlueDragonNiteSauron: mom loves u
ashastone: because of what i am grandma the spells that have kept me alive this long will kill me if i take of any blood
PrnsKendrasauron: ag do it
LadyIonaBrightside: Smile well the bond is still there
ashastone: ~looks up at mom~ cause it hurts to know i can't be your blood daughter
LadyIonaBrightside: even if not drinken off
LadyIonaBrightside: of*
BlueDragonNiteSauron: asha your my daughter in my heart no matter what
LadyIonaBrightside: Smile
BlueDragonNiteSauron: weather its from my blood or else where
ashastoneashastone Whisper: ~looks at grandma and mom and smiles through the tear~
BlueDragonNiteSauron: in my heart ur my child a true child to me just rember that
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : hugs Asha tightly
ashastoneashastone Whisper: i know mom and i love u and i will
ashastone: ~Hugz grandma tightly then turns and hugz my mom~
LadyIonaBrightside: Smile
BlueDragonNiteSauron: you kids are everything to me weather ur blood or not because i took u as such
BlueDragonNiteSauron: I love you

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:05 pm

ShephonSionnach has joined the chat
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PrnsKendrasauron: -sucks lolly-
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PrnsKendrasauron: -starts to feel dizzy again-
Krysus: (who would've thunk they'd make a hair so heavy in kb O.o )
InamorataSylaraia: (How heavy? I have hairs that are past 800k load weight.
Krysus: over 1k
PrnsKendrasauron: -lays on sofa closing eyes -
Krysus: ( )
Vampyr91: ((LAG!!! ))
InamorataSylaraia: (Yeah, I've seen those, back when I could get kb's of an item in the dressing room. Mesher usually wanted too much lifelike detail.)
PrnsKendrasauron: aunty
Krysus: -comes back from a bath and clean up-
LadyIonaBrightside: -looks at the dark haired man-
LadyIonaBrightside: Krysus?
Vampyr91: ((finally...))
Krysus: -thinks to himself 'man that feels better with all that facial scrub and hair taken care of' -
ShephonSionnach: (back in the day i think dev's didn't know about texture size and how it effects kb's . i know i have some rooms my textures are large and i should go back and redo them)
PrnsKendrasauron: looks at vampr and dalls asleep-
PrnsKendrasauron: falls
Krysus: -looks toward the lady in white- what?... -remembers how he heard that name in his head while he arrived to the tavern-
InamorataSylaraia: (You can, Shep, just so long as there is no visual difference detectable.)
ShephonSionnach: (yup i would size it so its not blurry or changed)
Krysus: -very confused- did you call me "Krysus"?
PrnsKendrasauron: love you aunty
LadyIonaBrightside: I did
InamorataSylaraia: (I have one room that I know now what I screwed up on early on, but I lost the textures to long ago with the old laptop, that I wish I could go back and fix)
ShephonSionnach: -stands up- ok mother and all , i have to take leave (little brat will be home from school any minute lol.. probably will want to play, i will be back in a bit)
Krysus: -suddenly a random flash of blurry vision enters his head of a couple-
InamorataSylaraia: *stands up to follow Shepi out the door*
ShephonSionnach: (oooooooooo you know, this is my second lap top, i might not have textures for old things)
LadyIonaBrightside: be well Shep dear
Krysus: -squinting his eyes and suddenly developes a migraine-
LadyIonaBrightside: hugs
ShephonSionnach: ok mother, love you..take care kendra..love you to -looks at the man- i hope you remember soon
Krysus: (take care shep)
PrnsKendrasauron: nooooooooooo
ShephonSionnach: (take care kry)
Krysus: (good seeing you again)
PrnsKendrasauron: b1
InamorataSylaraia: Aluve.
ShephonSionnach: aluve
ShephonSionnach has left the chat
InamorataSylaraia has left the chat
LadyIonaBrightside: Shep you can check if what you want to change you sold any then changing is not an issue
LadyIonaBrightside: oh will tell her later
PrnsKendrasauron: b1
Krysus: why did you call me Krysus?
LadyIonaBrightside: cause that is his ring you are wearing as there is only one of its kind in all this world
Krysus: -gives a very concerned look of confusion-
PrnsKendrasauron: -looks at grammy-
Krysus: -takes a long look at the ring as suddenly another spontaneous flash of the couple wiffs through his mind again-
Krysus: -shakes his head again, trying to shake off the headache developing-
PrnsKendrasauron: -looks at man
PrnsKendrasauron: cans me twy somthings
Krysus: -looks squintingly at the lady once more, knowing something is up-
LadyIonaBrightside: are you Krysus?
PrnsKendrasauron: -places one hand on grammts forhead and the other on the mans-
LadyIonaBrightside: -takes off her glasses and looks at his eyes-
Krysus: I've had this ring on since I can remember... I've just felt that Iv'e always needed to keep it on... O.o
Krysus: how do you know about this ring?? who are you???
LadyIonaBrightside: -shows him her hand and the ring shes wearing-
PrnsKendrasauron: -consentrates real hard -
LadyIonaBrightside: -takes off her ring and places it on his blue stone-
LadyIonaBrightside: -feels the tiny hand on her forhead-
Krysus: -suddenly another blast of a vision hits him of a couple again, so blurry it raises his headache so high, breaking out into a sweat-
Krysus: -stumbles off of the stool in panic from confusion, with more visions hitting him-
LadyIonaBrightside: -the ring of Ionas fits into the stone of his ring and a sudden glow emerges from the rings and fades as fast as it came-
PrnsKendrasauron: -consentrates more trying to help-
Vampyr91: *opened
Krysus: wh... what is this!... -looking around in a daze-
LadyIonaBrightside: -reaches for him- backs away suddenly from Kendra and Krysus-
PrnsKendrasauron: -falls bk as i pass out-
Krysus: are... am... -suddenly becomes overwhelmingly dizzy and falls to the ground passed out-
Guest_Sayarogue: (Sorry I'm so quiet. I brb-ish)
Vampyr91: ((tyt.. ish))
jakethemasterjester: (~,-,\\ still busy... i sorry)
LadyIonaBrightside: -backs up in tears as the song plays-
Vampyr91 has left the chat
Krysus: -lays unconscious, yet with audible dreams of various voices swirling around his mind of a woman and a man-
LadyIonaBrightside: -watching them both on the floor passed out and she sits in tears-
PrnsKendrasauron: -starts to shake as a virtion of a ypoung man and a lady comes into thoughts-
PrnsKendrasauron: -mind links man in dream as i shake more-
LadyIonaBrightside: -pullin Kendra from him and bringing her away from the conection-
LadyIonaBrightside: no baby girl no -tears streaming down-
PrnsKendrasauron: -vistion snaps as i lay in grammys arms-
LadyIonaBrightside: -rocking Kendra also soothing herself as she hummsm still watching Krysus the man who held her heart for so long-
Guest_Sayarogue has left the chat
Krysus: ((anyway someone can drag my limp body into a bed or somethign? lol))
PrnsKendrasauron: -eyes start to twitch as i levitate his body onto sofa-
LadyIonaBrightside: (Jake the in keeper can)
LadyIonaBrightside: hehe
LadyIonaBrightside: or that
LadyIonaBrightside: lol
PrnsKendrasauron: -eyes open with big gasp-
LadyIonaBrightside: -caressing kendra forhead-
Krysus: ((will wake up in a min to see you two looking down on meh))
PrnsKendrasauron: -lil hear races as i look at grammy-
LadyIonaBrightside: -to get a blanket for Krysus-
LadyIonaBrightside: Rises*
LadyIonaBrightside: -lays it over his body as Iona is shure hes going to be cold after his visions -
Krysus: -time passing as my consciousness lay dormant-
PrnsKendrasauron: -gives him slobbers-
LadyIonaBrightside: oh all places and of all times he wanders in here when I am visiting -ponders why today of all days-
PrnsKendrasauron: slobbers more on him
LadyIonaBrightside: -touches his forhead moving the curls back that caress his eyes-
SinisterPuppet has joined the chat
LadyIonaBrightside: you trying to wake him sweety?
PrnsKendrasauron: -nods at gwammy-
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron : -puts pacci in his mouth-
PrnsKendrasauron: (brb)
Krysus: -begins to come to consciousness, vision going from black to seeing two blurry figures standing over him as he lay there, still unaware of what just happened-
Krysus: (tyt)
peacefulpixel has joined the chat
SinisterPuppet: *Slithers out of the tree line. One arm behind his back holding onto a rather over sized leather sack. It was rare for this creature to be seen but he was in need of supplies and this was the nearst settlement he could trade in.*
Guest_usmc1234 has joined the chat
Guest_usmc1234: ~slowly enters the dock by the path,his heavy boots leaving thier prints in the mud as he looks up with a soft breeze in his hair~
Guest_usmc1234Guest_usmc1234 : Blessed greetings A/all
LadyIonaBrightside: -watches as he wakes -
PrnsKendrasauron: bk
LadyIonaBrightside: wb
PrnsKendrasauron: ty
peacefulpixel has left the chat
Krysus: wb
Krysus: (())
Guest_usmc1234 has left the chat
PrnsKendrasauron: ty
PrnsKendrasauron: -hugs the man saying you otay-
Krysus: -blinks his eyes to try to focus his eyes-
Krysus: I... I think so?
LadyIonaBrightside: -ties her hair back-
Krysus: -sits up a bit and gazes at the two ladies-
Krysus: you... -peering at Iona- ...you know something do you?...
PrnsKendrasauron: mwes a baby
LadyIonaBrightside: about?
Krysus: I've been wandering for hundreds of miles over the past week. All I can remember is waking up in a field. nobody can tell me who I am. people keep asking me if i have .. powers?
SinisterPuppet: *Pauses outside the door. Hesitent to enter. In the end he push's open the door. Ducking his head down as he enters so he doesent hit his head. "Excuse me. I have come to make a trade." He announces as the rest of his tail enters the travern and the door closes behind him. He coils his lower half up around his body. Even so he was still around eight feet tall.*
Krysus: for some reason I can give heaps of political wisdom to people, how could I know all that and not known who I am?
Krysus: and then i come in here and you seem as if you know me...
LadyIonaBrightside: -looks at him but not before making sure her eyes are dry-
LadyIonaBrightside: you obviously seem to have lost your memory
Krysus: but if only i could remember...
Krysus: i heard somebody whisper my name on my way in
Krysus: like they were speaking inside my head...
KrysusKrysus : was the name you called me. . .
LadyIonaBrightside: perhaps its a good thing to lose... at times -looks down-
PrnsKendrasauron: huggles grammy tight
Krysus: i dont understand. you obviously know something... tell me. -sits up more, eager to find out anything-
SinisterPuppet: *Not getting any respons at all he forwards his brows. Turning back around he pulls open the door and slithers back outside. Heading down to the shore line.*
LadyIonaBrightside: I dont know that I am the one to tell you or should tell you
Krysus: ((jake is away at the moment, should be back soon sinister))
LadyIonaBrightside: hello Sinister
TatianaLeandra has joined the chat
KrysusKrysus : I .. I don't understand...
DarkLordYuio has joined the chat
Krysus: I wake up in a ... crater?? what's up with that??
DarkLordYuio: (baaack)
LadyIonaBrightside: welcome back Daughter
jakethemasterjester: wb...)
LadyIonaBrightside: the rings Krysus ... the rings
Krysus: why did i just start having visions just now?? and why won't this headache go away -rubs his head-
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron : wb aunty
SinisterPuppet: *He makes himself comfortable outside on the grass. Massive coils winding around his upper body. The large sack sitting at his side. He would wait for another trader to show up. He would wait all day if he had too but didn't like the idea.*
LadyIonaBrightside: -unable to hold back the tears- Yuio I must go but do take care of this man... Krysus is his name
DarkLordYuio: yes mommy
DarkLordYuio: *holds mommy close* why u crying?
LadyIonaBrightside: and here- hands her some gold coins to keep him for as long as needed in the tavern and provide him with the things he will need-
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : whispers to Yuio- hes lost his memory-
DarkLordYuio: ohh
LadyIonaBrightside: going to the forest
PrnsKendrasauron: noooooooo gwammy
Krysus: -looks up at Iona- obviously you know me.. WHO AM I??
PrnsKendrasauron: no go
DarkLordYuio: oh dear
PrnsKendrasauronPrnsKendrasauron has left the chat
TatianaLeandra: ::a white cloud apperes in the backlands of the village.. Out of it apperes a women in white with blonde sliky hair. and skin that looked like angels have kissed it. AS she stems out the cloud disapers and she makes her way intothe village::
LadyIonaBrightside: Your names Krysus and thats all I can say
LadyIonaBrightsideLadyIonaBrightside : -vanishes-
DarkLordYuio: oh dear..
LadyIonaBrightside has left the chat
Krysus: ((hey yuio, just doing some rp))
DarkLordYuio: (k Q.Q i dun like mommy crying tho even if its rp)
Krysus: ((my character's trying to remember who he is, since he's been gone, and just ran back into her and realized she knows him))
TatianaLeandra: :;she smiles as she sees what looked to be the tavern in the area.. She steps inside and takes a seat in a open spot::
DarkLordYuio: welcome miss
DarkLordYuio: (anaya says save chat for posting)
DarkLordYuio: ^^ what can i get u miss?
DarkLordYuio: *bumps jakey out of my way*
TatianaLeandra: ::smiles:; Tea. Please
DarkLordYuioDarkLordYuio Whisper: alrighty miss
DarkLordYuio: *getsa mug n puts tea bag in getting a pot of hot water off of stove n pours it in then hands it to her* here u go
TatianaLeandra: ::smils taking it,places it on the bar and hands her a few gold coins:: ::thank you dear"
DarkLordYuio: yw miss ^^
KrysusKrysus : -squints toward yuio- um.. so you know that lady that just left?
RyikoMasumi has joined the chat
DarkLordYuio: mhm shes my mother
DarkLordYuio: (i go by auria in this form)
DarkLordYuio: cookie1
DarkLordYuio: cookie2
Krysus: -walks toward auria with an urgent idea in mind- my face... do you know my face?
DarkLordYuio: *nibbles mai cookie*
DarkLordYuio: *shakes head not recognizing you* (Razz i hardly know what u look like hehe few times i paid attention u were in ademon avi at dance)
RyikoMasumi has left the chat
TatianaLeandra: ::she stands with tea in hand and walks to the sofa and sits..watching the flames dance on the burning logs::
DarkLordYuio: *nuzzles my wyvernling as it attempts to fly around room*
Krysus: -sits by himself contemplating deeper than ever what just happened-

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams, memories, and a message   

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Dreams, memories, and a message
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